Watched It Wednesday: Big Hero 6


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Okay so everyone knows I am a huge Disney fan so clearly I am going to love any new releases and Big Hero 6 was no exception! I had seen the trailer for this movie when I was in america last summer and I thought it looked so funny, I just knew I had to see it. So one day by boyfriend and I decided we would go see it and see if it lived up to the expectations we had last summer. No need to say it but it did, it was different to what I thought it was going to be but it was still fab!

As with many Disney films there is that element of something that will bring a tear to your eye (or is that just me?) and this was no exception, don't worry I am not going to ruin the story for you guys! I think this film took Disney to another place as it is set in a place that is a cross between San Francisco and Tokyo (that kinda confused me!) instead of a normal or totally fantasy place. Once I got over the confusion of the location I really stared to get into the film.

The movie centers mainly around the characters of Hiro and Baymax, along with Hiros brother Tadashi and his college friends. When tragedy happens Hiro starts to rely on Baymax for companionship and answers. However, the course of no Disney character runs smoothly so of course there are many bumps along the way.

This film is fun for all the family with both young children and old alike. I may be a little bit bias with my rating as I am truly a Disney girl at heart but I will give this film 9/10! This film has something for everyone from action to friendship and lots of laughs along the way. This is most definitely a film I will be watching again.

Have you seen Big Hero 6? What did you think of it?


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