Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Artistry Cosmetics

I was recently sent some products from the Artistry Cosmetics line, which is made by Amway, to try out. When I read the press release I was very excited about these products and have very high expectations of them so as soon as I got them I tried them out.

Eye Crayon Trio

This product claims to be creamy and have three uses:

  1. Shade
  2. Define
  3. Highlight
However, I had a different experience with the eye shadowns. When I saw these I thought that they would be perfect for a blue smokey eye and that is what I tried. When I applied these to the eye lid they were so pigmented and I was so excited. It was a different story when I tried to blend them out! As soon as I started to blend even the deepest blue faded to nothing! I was very disappointed! The one shade that I would say I would use again is the Desert Sand shade as it is perfect as a highlighter for the inner corner of your eye and your brow bone. With a steap price tag of €55.18 for all three I would not be willing to fork out the cash for these eye crayons.

Signature Eyes Volume Mascara in Black

This mascara claims to increase your lash volume by up to 600%. 600%? I didn't even get 6% extra volume. I may be a little bias as I am so used to using the Benefit They're Real mascara, but even comparing it to the the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara it was a let down. I have found that I can get better quality (in my opinion) in the likes of Boots and local drug stores without paying the €30.50 price tag that they ask for this one. It claims to contain conditoner which will smooth, gloss and enrigh your lashes to sperate and create amazing lashes. did I experience this? No! I found that I could not really got even coverage and it was a very lumpy formula as you would open it and get think strings of the mascara dropping off the end of the wand. To make things worse the wand is so long and huge that it can be awkward to use when you compare it to other mascaras. Over all I was very disapointed with this mascara even when I did not compare it to my make up bag staple of the Benefit one.When you think of the value for money this is not the way to go at all.

Exact Fit Powder Foundation

This powder contains a blend of Tahitian pearls nad optiacl prisms to give the look of real skin. It does contain SPF so that is something that it has going for it. When I applied this powder over my foundation it did not give any extra color it was more like a translucent powder to take away any shine. It does provide that matte finish that I crave as my skin is so oily, but the powder is no more effectiver than other brands I have used before. With a price tag of €50.85 I would expect better quality that that of the likes of L'Oreal that I have tried before. I would rather have a drug store brand that pay out the money for this one any day.

Signature Color Lipstick
Highly Pigmented? Yes. Hydrating? Yes. High Shine? Yes? Everything I look for in a great lipstick? Oh yes! This is the product I liked the most from all the products that I was sent. Not only is it a creamy texture and long lasting, the packaging is very attractive with its gold casing. As you have to twist the top of the packaging and the botton two seperate ways there is no fear of it opening in the bottom of your make up bar or handbag and getting over everything. I was sent this in the shade of Coral Sunrise. This is not a shade I would go to a store and pick for myself but I love it for a nude make up look, fresh spring make up, a festival face and a 60's hippy look. It has slowly become one of my favourite lip colors for this spring/summer season.
With a price of €25.60 I would consider purchasing some more shades of this, I do love my MAC lipsticks, but they are good quality and long lasting this blogger will be saving up for some more!

All in all I was very disappointed in this collection with only the lipsitic being worth the money in my view. This collection may have impressed other people but it did nothing for this blogger.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of it?


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