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50 Facts About Me TAG


I know it has been a while since I have posted anything but between one thing or another I just have not had time to sit down and really focus on a post and along with writers block it is so not easy!! Never the less I am back with a personal post and that is this 50 facts about me tag as I was tagged by my good friend Amy over at red-lips-red-hair, so while my boyfriend is at work and I am chillin in his house I have decided to do it and hopefully get a few more post scheduled today for all you lovely readers :)

And without further adu it is time to learn a bit about the girl behind all the make up!

1. My mother is English and my father is Irish so I was born in England but for the last 16 years I have lived in Ireland. and I love having 2 different heritages!

2. Even though I am was born in England and live in Ireland my accent has got confused and some people say I have an American accent (very confusing).

3. I am the middle child of three girls with an age gap of 8 years between my older sister and myself, and a 4 years gap between my younger sister and I.

4. I was not the smartest girl in my class. I was never lucky enough it have the natural brains my sisters had, I have always had to study and work twice has hard as everyone else to only do half as well.

5. Despite not being as smart as others I got quiet good grades in my leaving cert but I decided to repeat my leaving cert to try and do better.

6. I went to college to study psychology where again I had to try twice as hard as others to be half as good. However I graduated with a 2.2 honors degree which is not hung on my wall as one of my greatest achievements yet. I hung it on my wall because those three years were the hardest of my life and I made it through it and made all my family and myself proud. It is also a big 'F*** you!' to all the people who never thought I could achieve something like that.

7. I went through a really hard period in my life with depression, self-harm and eating when I was 16 and with a really tough time in college, but with the help of some amazing friends (they all know why they are), my fantastic boyfriend and my family I am now healthy and happy.

7. I am very family orientated, I love going out with my parents to go on hikes or holidays or even just sitting down watching a film or playing a board game together. I have some of my best memories from days where my parents would pack us in the car and we would just drive somewhere for the day.

8. I am God Mother to my wonderful 10 year old niece who knows just how to wrap me round her finger.

9. My Nanna is one of the most important people in my life. She is so important to me that I would kill for her! She is always there for all of her children and grandchildren and none of us could imagine life without her.

10. I have only now got my provisional licence at the age of 24.

11. I like things in even numbers like the volume on the tv or radio, putting the petrol in my mothers car, things like that, if they are not evenly divisible by 2 or even then I fell uncomfortable.

12.My whole name is Kayliegh Marie McEntee.

13. All my life people have spelt my name Kayleigh when it is Kayliegh.

14. I answer to any of my sisters names because my father has always gotten us mixed up.

15. I can knit, crochet, sew, bake, and cook, so I am sure I am good house wife material.

16. I love anything horror related,like horror films, tv shows and books.

17. I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, I have all the seasons on video and a few years back my parents got me the collectors edition limited edition DVD box sets as I have worn out my videos!

18. I have a cat and I love her to pieces.

19. I used to wear make up every day as it was a way of me hiding, but over the past 4 years I have only been wearing it if I am going out to shop or meet friends as I have learned that I am beautiful no matter what.

20. I have been with my amazing boyfriend for almost 4 years and I love him more each day.

21. I get bored with one hair style for too long. So far this year I have gone from brunette to having blonde ombre, to going brunette again, to blonde and I am now brunette again. I change my hair at least every 3 or 4 months. I am so fickle when it comes to my hair.

22. I am alike a personal hairdresser and make up artist for my family. I cut their hair when the need it cutting, dye it, style it for nights out.

23. When the whole family is going out for an event I am always the last one to get ready and I have to rush because I make sure all my familys hair and make up is perfect before I start myself.

24. I have mastered the hart of getting ready to go out in about 40 mins! Hair, make up, everything, that is impressive!

25. When I only have to get myself ready I can take up to 90mins to do my hair and about 2 hours to do my make up (that is if I don't have to worry about doing anything for anyone else).

26. I have always wished I was a teenager during the 80's for the music, the fashion and even the hair!

27. I am a sucker for a good romance novel. I am a Nicholas Sparks lover with A Walk To Remember reducing me to tears every time I read it or even watch the film.

28. When I read the novel Soulmates (recommended to me by Amy) I cried my heart out in the last 4 or 5 chapters and I finished it in about 2 of 3 days.

29. As you can tell I am a hopeless romantic.

30. In school I had a group of friends and the when I merged 2 separate groups of friends, people who were meant to be my best friends stabbed me in my back. Then when I repeated my leaving cert someone who was meant to be my best friend was mentally bullying me and telling me I was fat and I should take diet pills and constantly told me I was not good enough.

31. I used to let myself get taken advantage of but not any more, I don't take any crap from anyone. I was bullied enough and used enough in my life that I now know I am worth more than I used to give myself credit for.

32. I am a much stronger person than I would seem.

33. I am obsessed with Disney, I love all the classics and when I am sad Disney always cheers me up, I have to be really sad or have a really bad time for Disney not to bring me out of my funk.

34. I love all different types of music with Meat Loaf being my all time favorite. I first saw him when I was 15 with my parents and again with my cousin when he did his farewell tour 2 years ago.

35. I get awfully homesick when i am away from my home for too long.

36. I can be a very stubborn person.

37. I internalize a lot of things. I don't like to show people that something is bothering me or something they have done or said has upset me. I learned a long time ago I have to be strong or people will take advantage of you.

38. I blame a lot of things on myself even if I have no control over the situation.

39. I know I will never totally be over or better from my eating problems, depression and self-harm. You van never be cured of a mental problem you can just learn to cope with it. I know I will always have bad days and it will always be an up hill battle, but they are worth it because they make the  good times even better. They also make me thankful for everything I have and for when I have amazing times with family and friends. I want to remind anyone reading this with any kind of problems that having a mental disorder does not make you weak, it makes you stronger than anyone else because you know you can survive!

40. For a long time I hated that I have big boobs, hips and thighs but now I love it. Okay I don't like it when guys look at my boobs when we talk rather than my face but oh well, people pay to have boobs and an ass like mine!

41. I am only 5ft 2" in height.

42. I have truly loved one man in my life, I mean truly like you can't imagine your life without this person and you cant't go a day without hearing their voice of them telling you they love you. It is only when you meet that one person that you realize that yeah you may have loved before but it was not that true love like you read about in fairy tales. That's the love that every girl deserves. I don't feel bad writing this one because I know the guy that I have loved before is now with a great girl and he is happy and finally so am I :)

43. I have always had a hard time trusting girls. Girls who were meant to be my friends have always stabbed me in the back or screwed me over some how, that's why I am more one of the guys with my friends.

44. My nanna and mum are the reason I am such a good baker, and my daddy is why I am such a good cook and I can make a meal out of nothing.

45. I am so thankful for everything my parents have given me as a child and now. The way they have raised me has really prepared me for the day that I leave home and have to so it all myself.

46. I have helped my dad do so much electrical work on houses that if I needed do I could probably wire a whole house by myself.

47. I can never go a summer without doing something to my room.

48. I love mushrooms! I could eat mushrooms every day of my life and be very happy!

49. I will just about anything.

50. I still sleep with my blanket at night, along with my cinderella doll my mum knitted me when she was pregnant with my younger sister. I also have a teddy at my boyfriends.

Okay so there are the 50 facts about me and if you lasted to here congratulations!! I would like to tag everyone who is reading this to let people know about you, the person behind the blog.

More specificaly I would like to tag:

Rachel Farrell (
Nikkii McBride (

Enjoy ladies!!


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