Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Watched It Wednesday: Mad Max Fury Road

So I recently gave into Sean and I agreed to go and see the new Mad Max Movie, it's safe to say that this trade off will not come without a price for him hahaha. I was so hesitant to see it as I am not really an action girl, I am more of the comedy and romance girl. However I have to say there was something for everyone in this film, action for the guys and a hint of romance for the girls. Now I have never seen the original Mad Max films so I did not really know what to expect other than lots of explosions and cars.
In my opinion it starts out slow and I had to force myself to not zone out or fall asleep, however after about 30mins or so I started to get into it. For a while I was confused as to if it was set in a fantasy land or a futuristic land (I later found out that it was a futuristic land) and you don;t really find out until the end of the film as to where it is set. Okay so after about 30 mins it started to gain my interest when Charlize Theron really comes into it and she is trying to take the leaders wives to a safe place (this journey is kinda all the film is about). Yes there are plenty of chase scenes and explosions, and these futuristic leaders know how to go to war, they even have their own weird looking crazy guitarist travelling with them for a kick ass soundtrack!
For me this is a film that will keep the girls and the guys interested, but one thing that I found strange is that Tom Hardy talks more in the last 20mins of the film than he does in the whole film put together. This is also a film that shows women can be pretty kick ass themselves and we don't always need a guy to protect us!

So is this worth a watch? I think yes! I would so go and see a sequel to this film! And girls I am pretty sure than if you agree to go and see this with your man he will not complain when you want to go and see a romantic film :)

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