Friday, 7 August 2015

My Best Movie Scores Ever!

I love music and I love movies, so put them two together and I am in heaven! Most of the movie scores that will be on this list are going to orchestra music and the music really makes the movie. I love a good score that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge, or gives me goosebumps, or even reduces me to tears. That for me is the making of an amazing movie soundtrack. So without further adieu here is my count down.

8. Pirates Of The Caribbean.  I love the ending credits it just makes me want to find some see adventure and have a parrot named Polly sat on my shoulder and call everyone 'matey' and say 'argh' a whole bunch. Klaus Badelt really did an amazing job in capturing the essence of the movie and putting it in music format!

7. Harry Potter. I think we all know what music I am talking about here. The build up to it at the beginning just lets you know this is going to be an amazing and you are in for a world of adventure. I have to say this is the kind of music I imagined in my mind when I was reading the books ans a young teenager. John Williams really perfected it with the magical qualities he managed to inject into this score.

6. Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark. This is amazeballs!!!!!!! This makes you want to run through caves being chased by giant rock balls and jump over snake pits all in the name of adventure. John Williams is outstanding the way he has captured adventure, action and romance in this piece. I am going to see an Indiana Jones Marathon with my boyfriend in a few weeks and I am so excited to see them on the big screen! All I need is my hat and I am ready to embrace all that is Indiana Jones!

5. Titanic. This is a soundtrack that can make my hairs stand on end, give me goosebumps and reduce to tears all in one go. Just listening to the music does it I don't need to watch the film for it to happen. The music captures the glory of the vessel, the sadness of the tragedy, and the heartbreak of it all. It is amazing what some music can do. James Horner has done a fantastic job!

4. Braveheart. Not only is this an amazing film about one mans wish for independance but it has the most touching score to it also. The music adds to the feeling of national pride, love, and the feeling of never giving up. James Horner composed this music also and it prove he can work pure magic!

"They can take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!"

3. Jurassic Park. Possibly one of the best scores of all time in my book but there are 2 that beat it also! Upon hearing this score it makes me want to watch the movie, John Williams is a true wonder being able to bring all the wonder and awe from the movie into some music.

2. Armageddon. This is one of my favorite films and the music is just a bonus. This movies is more songs on the score than instrumentals but it is still worth a listen to even if it is just for the instrumental as they are landing back on earth. This movie and score makes me cry my eyes out every time but it is so worth a listen and a watch.

1. Lord of The Rings. This has to be the best orchestra work in forever! Howard Shore somehow captures the essence of Middle Earth. It is amazing. I am not one for orchestra music but I went to see the movie with an orchestra playing the music along with the film and it was spine tingeing good! I have watched the movies so many time but hearing the music live gave me goosebumps all over my body and reduced me to tears. If you every get the chance to see the live orchestra preforming the music for Lord Of The Rings, go and see it. Words can not describe how good this score is.

So there you have it, my top movie scores ever. If you think I am wrong about one of them let me know! 

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