Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A - Z Book Survey

I am a book girl. I love books! I love reading them, cracking the spine for the first time, the smell of a new book and getting lost in another world completely! So was recently tagged by Amy of Red Lips; Red Hair to do a book tag and I have found some more book tags which will be coming up on the blog shortly. This A-Z Book Tag I found on and I knew I had to do this. So without further adieu here we go!

A - Author You Have Read The Most Books From
I have read almost all the Nicholas Sparks books. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. I truly am a hopeless romantic.

B - Best Sequel Ever
I loved Hades and Heaven from the Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto.

C - Currently Reading
I am currently reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

D - Drink Of Choice While Reading
I love a good cup of herbal tea while reading a book.

E - E-Reader or Physical Book
Physical book! I think e-readers are the devil! Half the enjoyment of a book for me is cracking the spine for the first time, the smell of a new book, the feel of holding a book, seeing it on the shelf, buying the book and standing in the book shop deciding what book to buy. Physical books all the way!

F - Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated In High School
I would have loved to have been dating Xavier from the Halo trilogy. He is everything a boyfriend should be. 

G - Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
It has to be Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. I had the book for about a year before I actually got in to it properly but I am so glad I read it because the trilogy has become one of my favorite series.

 H - Hidden Gem
Again the Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto.

I - Important Moment In Your Reading Life
When I got Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone for my birthday. That was the moment I fell in love with books. 

J - Just Finished
I have just finished (well a few months ago) The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. the book was so much better than the movie!

K - Kinds Of Books You Don't Read
I am not a huge fan or crime or mystery.

L - Longest Book you Read
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

M - Major Book Hangover Because Of
Heaven, the third book in the Halo trilogy. I wanted more!

N - Number Of Book Cases You Own
I own one big one and then 90% of my books are in built in shelves
 in the attic.
O - One Book You Have Read Multiple Times
A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. I Love It!!!!

P - Preferred Place To Read
Anywhere I can get comfortable.

Q - Quote That Inspires You/ Gives You All The Feels From A Book You Read
"Nothing Worth While Is Ever Easy" ~ Nicholas Sparks, Message In A Bottle

R - Reading Regret
I don't regret anything I read. I always want more from a really good book though.

S - Series You Started And Need To Finish (All The Books In The Series Are Out)
A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I have all the books but I have just never got round to reading them all.

T - Three Of Your All Time Favorite Books
A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne

U - Unapologetic Fan Girl For
I love Nicholas Sparks. All bow for the king of romance!

V - Very Excited For This Release More Than Others
I am always looking forward to new Nicholas Sparks books.

W - Water Works Inducing Book
Soulmates by Holly Bourne. This is a heart breaking book!

X - X-Marks The Spot (Start At The Left Hand Corner Of Your Book Case and Pink The 27th Book)
Hello Heartbreak by Amy Huberman

Y - Your Latest Purchase
The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I have not bought any new books in Months!

Z -  ZZZ Snatcher Book (The Last Book That Kept You Up Way Too Late)
There are so many because when I get inot a book I never want to put it down until it is finished! Soulmates, The Longest Ride, A walk To Remember, Hello Heartbreak, Circle Of Friends, Little Women, Halo, Hades, Heaven, P.S I Love You, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, the Notebook. There are far too many to name off!

So now I tag all of you to do this! Anyone who loves books as much as I do this is a tag for you!


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  1. Love This! great post Kayleigh and definitely taking a few book recommendations from this!