Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cocoa Brown #PassionPersistencePink

On the 27th September I was one of the lucky bloggers that got an invitation to the Coca Brown #PassionPersistencePink event in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. It was fabulous! It was a day packed with fun, beauty, tips and stories. There was a number of demos on the day from Marissa, Tara O'Farrell, Rosie Connolly, AJ Fitzsimons, and Julia Carta.

When you walked into the event you were greeted by Marissa and Julia and had the chance to be pictured with them, and of course Marissa looked lovely in pink. inside it was nothing less than than what you would expect from the Cocoa Brown team. It was so pink and girly it was like you had stepped into Marissas mind. There was lovely pink flowers on each table and the room was lit up with pink lights to create a very girly atmosphere.

The demos on the day were amazing we picked up so many tips and tricks that I am dying to try out. Rosie Connolly, Tara O'Farrell, Aj Fitzsimons and Marissa each demoed the Ombre lip in different colours and answered questions from guests. Marissa then gave a tutorial of Tantouring (contouring but with tan) and it is something that I want to try out now I have seen it done. Finally there was a tutorial by Julia Carta who is the make up artist on the X-Factor and who has also toured with Britney Spears, along with working with a plethora of celebs through here career. She was so nice and she used a mixture of products from high end to affordable brands. She was also so willing to answer any questions people had about make up and her career.

The main reason for this event was to unveil two new products and I know on my table there was numerous conversations about what the new products could be. We were guessing bronzer, new tans, oils and so much more, but no one guessed what they were. It was so nice seeing Marissa talk about the process of developing new products and see how excited she got about the new products, it was like a child on Christmas morning. Just before she revealed what the product was the cocoa Brown team gave everyone their 'swag' bags, as Marissa called them, and we were not allowed to look in them until she had shown us the new products. I think I have left you hanging on long enough so with out further adieu the two new products are........

Two new tanning GELs! There is nothing like these on the market today. There are two types of this Instant Tan Bronzing Gel, a mate one and a shimmer one. I am so excited to try these out and use them with the Coca Brown Pink velvet mitt which feels divine!!! Also Marissa snapped a tutorial on her snapchat where she used the bronzing gel with her normal foundation so she would get the same shade on her face as on her body which I am also dying to try out. These gels are available to pre-order on Cloud10 beauty for €6.99 and will be available in all Cocoa Brown stockist in a matter of weeks. 

Over all the day was so much fun with blogger friends and the Cocoa Brown team! The food, atmospheres, chats and day was top notch! We also got so much in our 'Swag' bags and I am currently trying them all and can not wait to review them for all you lovely readers. Make sure to get your hands on the new products and reviews of them will be up soon too!

Before I go I want to say a huge thank you to Marissa and the team for having us all there for such an amazing day!


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