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Pixy Natural Skincare

Pixy Natural Skincare 
I was sent some lovely products from an Irish grown company called Pixy and I have to say I am in love love love! All of the products are made from natural ingredients so there are a lot of natural fragrances and essential oils, as well as being free form SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and parabens. They do not test on animals so that was another big plus for me when I was researching this brand. As my skin is very sensitive I am always very cautious when I am using new products that I have not really heard of before, but I had no kind of reaction to any of the products I tried. On top of all the ethical benefits of the brand, the cute packaging and the selection, it is all very affordable!

The lovely ladies at Pixy sent me a lovely selection of products from their range and I have to say that I would be more than happy to pay for these products when I need more. They sent me the Peach & Mango Shower Mousse, Moisturising Lime Body Scrubs, Glowing Body Butter, Rosebud Bath Bomb and Wild Berry Lip Balm.

Pixy Natural Skincare
Rosebud Bath Bomb
This Rosebud Bath Bomb is the bomb! I love the smell of it and it fizzes and sizzles and makes the bath water smell so lovely. The scent is so relaxing that I could spend hours and hours in the bath and leaves your skin soft. There are so many different scents and they all have different fragrances to them. This Rosebud bomb has honey powder and waterlilly fragrances. The different bombs include:
-Lavender with orris root powder, lavender flowers and lavender essential oil which I would imagine would relax you so much you would fall asleep right there in the bath tub.
-Strawberry with strawberry powder, fragrances and seeds.
-Limelight with honey powder, zingy grapefruit and lime fragrances.
-Tutti Fruity with honey powder, fruity mango and passion fruit fragrance.
-Citrus with orris root powder, lively orange and grapefruit fragrances.
-Coconut with honey powder and tropical coconut fragrance.
-Honey with honey powder and sweet honey fragrance.
Each of these retail for €3.45 or you can get a pack of 3 for €9.95. However if you are like me and you can not decide on just one you can also get a pack of 5 mini bath bombs for €8.95! Bargain or what!

Pixy Natural Skincare
Peach & Mango Shower Mousse
This Peach & Mango Shower Mousse is one of my top products that I have tried for the shower, ever! I am in LOVE! Not only does this look as cute as a button but the contents are just as amazing! These mouses are infused with oils to leave your skin soft and soothed. It is the most luxurious shower product I have used in a long time. It goes on so smoothly and works up into a creamy lather and you are left with such a lovely smell on your skin that lasts for hours and hours. You can get these mousses in six different scents with different oils including:
-Peach & Mango with peach kernel oil and vitamin E oil.
-Lime Sorbet with vitamin E oil, sweet almonds oils and lime essential oils.
-Pineapple with pineapple juices, cocoa butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil.
-Spa Fresh with rose water, peach kernel oil and evening primrose oil.
-Strawberry with vitamin E oil and jojoba oil.
These mousses retail for €14.95 and a little goes a long way so it will last a long time. It comes with its very own loofah so you can keep it specifically for the shower luxury everyone deserves.

Pixy Natural Skincare
Wild Berry Lip Balm Stick

This Wild Berries lip balm reminds me of parma violet sweets. The smell of it just takes me back to Halloween as a child. This lip balm has cocoa butter, shea butter, calendula oil, almond oil and beeswax to soothe, hydrate, and lock in moisture to give you lovely supple lips that are so kissable! You can get these lip balm sticks in Mango, Wild Berries, Raspberry and Coconut. At a price of €2.90 you can afford to have every one of them.

Pixy Natural Skincare
Lime Body Scrub Cubes
These Lime Body Scrub cubes are so good! We all know the importance of exfoliation especially when it comes to tanning and I can not recommend these cubes enough for this purpose. I find that sometimes exfoliation scrubs can be really abrasive and hurt a little but these cubes are so different to any other exfoliation scrubs I have tried. There are three main ingredients to these cubes; Cocoa Butter which leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, Apricot Oil that is sweet smelling and aids healing along with vitamin E which moisturises and is great for your skin, and Lime Essential Oil to add an amazing smell as it cleanses and purifies your skin. At €5.95 for a pack of 6 they are very affordable and it only takes one cube per exfoliation so that is less than €1 each time!

Pixy Natural Skincare
Glowing Body Butter
I love a good moisturiser and this Glowing Body Butter is up there with my best loved ones. It is so light and airy that it is just a treat going onto the skin. There are so many moisturising ingredients in this little tin that it is no wonder my skin feels so soft after I use it. It has Cocoa butter and Shea butter for nourishment, Apricot oil which allows the skin to absorb the butter in no time at all and is great fro dry skin! Coconut oil, vitamin E oil and Sweet Almond oil which gives your skin a lovely glow after application, Mica is the product in it that helps give your skin a shimmer , and finally Jasmine fragrance for a lovely smell. I love to use this once I get out of the shower or the bath to moisturise my skin. A little bit of this goes a long way so you do not need to pile the product onto the skin to gain the benefits of the body butter. It is suitable for all skin types so no matter what skin type you have to can use this little bit of heaven in a tub! You can get this body butter in two different size tins, 100ml for €12.95 and 200ml for €19.95 which I view as very good value.

Pixy have so many different skin care products that I now know I need to try after using these products. They also have:
-Bath Salts (muscle soaking salts and relaxing lavender salts) that retail for €9.50
-Bath Oils (Relaxing, Sensual, Citrus) retailing for €9.95 for 100ml
-Hand Creams and Balms (Coconut, Rose, Lemon) retailing for €9.95
-Foot Scrubs for €8.95
-Foot Creams (Peppermint, coconut) for €9.95
                                                                    -Soaps ranging from €3.95 to about €5.95
                                                                    -Face Scrubs (strawberry Kiss, Almond Milk) retailing for €9.95
                                                                    -Kiss Kiss Kiss Lip Balm (Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Honey, Mint) for €3.95
                                                                    -Aloe Rescue Gel 50ml for €7.95
                                                                    -Velvet Massage bar priced at €8.95
                                                                    -Soothing Body Balm 200ml for €19.95
                                                                    -Softening Body Oil 40ml for €9.95 and 100ml for €17.95
                                                                    -Cellulite Body Oil 40ml for €9.95

There is such a wide selection of products you are bound to find a few that you would love to try. Pixy is an Irish company based in Co.Cork and I know I will be getting behind this company and purchasing some of these fabulous products. They have stockist all over Ireland but if you are like my boyfriend and you like to shop online they offer free shipping within Ireland on orders over €20! If that is not a reason to purchase some products I don't know what is. So go one and get yourself over to the and treat yourself!

I love these products and I am sure you will too!


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