Monday, 25 January 2016

Amazing Present!

  What is it about music and fashion that it just makes a return every few decades or so? I have seen so many 80's and earlier home decorations, clothes and even hair styles come back in to rotation over the past few years. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time as I have such a love for the 80's! Everything about the 80's appeals to me, even some of the fashions (obviously modernized a little bit). Oh how I love the great movies of the 80's like The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Say Anything just to mention a few. And the music! Oh the music! Bowie, Queen, Madonna, Cindi Lauper, Whitesnake, Journey and so much more. I wish I was a teen during the 80's it is just such an awesome decade if you take out all the bad times of course. I hear my dad talking about how when he lived in London during the 80's, he was drinking with Lemmy from Motorhead, seeing iconic band play live and it all sounds simply amazing, it was a different time all together. 

  I have always wanted a record player. Yes a record player from the 80's where you have the huge vinyls and the music was amazing! So this past Christmas I asked my parents for one and I thought it was a long shot but I was so happy on Christmas morning when I woke up and there it was! My very own record player. Now some of you may be thinking 'why the hell would you want one of those?'. Well The music quality is second to none on vinyl, digital does not even come close to it.Even records from like the 60's still sound amazing on vinyl. My niece did not understand why I wanted one that's for sure. She asked me to see the record played and she said 'It's cool, but its a lot of work to listen to a song on it'. Oh children today have so much technology they don't appreciate the ways of the past. 

  Over the past month I have found some amazing bargains on vinyl. I have found albums from the likes of Queen, Duran Duran (when they were awesome), Wet Wet Wet, Whitney Huston, The Bangles, the Beatles and even Meat Loaf! I even had a pooch in my attic and found some records there with the likes of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross (the things you can fins in attics!) and they still play perfect. I am sure if you left a CD or an iPod in the attic for over 25 years then they would not still work as well as records do. 

  So as you can probably guess my music posts over the next while will all be about my records. I still can not get over the sound quality of some of these used records that are older than me! I don't think I could really go back to just CD's and even my iPod. Even as I am typing this with my iPod on I can hear the difference between the quality. Vinyl has stolen my heart and I don't think it will give it back any time soon! I am hooked, its like drugs (okay that may be an over-reaction but it's all I can think of)! I love going in to record stores like Free Bird Records in the city and going through the racks of vinyl and finding that diamond. I am currently on the search for Lynyrd Skynyrds Free Bird, I have found my Bat Out Of Hell record so that is one off my list of records I need. Why Free Bird? Well it is the song my boyfriend and I were talking about when we first met. It was the song that made him realize I was not a regular party girl and made me see that he was different to a lot of guys I had met before him, so it has some sentimental meaning for me. Corny? Maybe, but I still want it. So if anyone knows where I will get a copy in good condition let me know!

  The point of this post is to tell you how much I love my record player and how I can not wait to build my collection of vinyls. But I still wish I got to experience the 80's too! not that I don't love how I grew up it is more for the music and the movies and all the good stuff that came out of the 80's!

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