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2015 Skin Favourites

So many products, so much choice and so many decisions. The world of a girl can at times be complicated and a bit of a scary place. I don't think a male with understand that going into Boots and shopping can be so much fin but so overwhelming at the same time. I know my boyfriend can not understand why it takes me so long in there and I may only come out with one or two things, it's a girl things okay. You will either go into Boots for one thing and come out with half the store, or on a good day where you can exercise restraint you will only come out with one thing, but how often does that happen. And when there is 3 for 2 on the whole store, well that just throws an extra hour on top of your normal time. I love boots and it is a bit of an addiction of mine and all my skin care and (most) make up comes from there. Any way enough babbling here are my favourite skin care products of the past year.

Note: A lot of No7 products appear on this list because I have very oily skin! However, after using these products for a period of time I have noticed a change in the production of oil on my t-zone.

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask for Normal/Oily Skin €17.50

This feels and acts like a regular face mask but works in half the time. I only really like to use this when I am in the bath because it does not need to dry out before you wash it off. It is almost like a clay based formula but its not. It also has exfoliating micro beads in it so your skin is left smooth on any dry patches. This mask heats on contact and a little of it goes a very long was, so even though it looks expensive it is going to last you a long time. My skin is left visibly clearer, more matte, and even my pores look reduced after using it. I use this once a week as my skin is quiet sensitive and the skin on my cheek bones can get a little sore after use but that is he only negative. Other than that I can not complain about this at all. Like all my No7 products I tend to stock up when Boots give you those fab coupons for €6.50 of skincare and €4.00 of make up, they basically give you a reason to shop! Click here to shop the mask.

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/Oily Skin €13.00

I have always struggled to find the right cleanser for my skin type, I must have spent hundreds of euro trying to find the right cleanser but I have finally done it. This Cleansing Water for Normal/Oily Skin is what I have been searching for all along. Since I have started using it i have noticed a real change in my skin. A lot of cleansers have dried out my skin and even left my skin with more oil on the surface than they took away, but not this one. No, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and free of excess oil without drying the skin out. Again I stock up when it is on offer like 3 for 2 or when I have any money off coupons. Click here to shop the cleanser.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin €18.50

I have always found it hard to get a moisturizer that works for all my skin problems and I had almost given up on finding one. In swoops No7 to save the day once again with their day cream. I am always concerned when brands say that one single product will work on multiple problems at once instead of using a million different products, but I was pleasantly surprised with this day cream. As well as hydrating, giving a matte complexion, aiding with breakouts, and leaving my skin feeling super soft, it is a light formula also! It is so silky and light on the skin I sometimes forget I have even put it on. It may be pricey but again like all No7 products a little goes along way and use those coupons girls! Click here to shop the day cream.

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Normal/Oily Skin €18.50

What use is a day cream without a night cream? This formula is slightly thicker but not by much it is still very light and feels luxurious on he skin. It has such a creamy texture that a little goes a long way, so again it looks like it costs a lot but it will last you ages! I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling hydrated and soft ready for the day ahead. Click here to shop the night cream.

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover €12.00

Taking off waterproof mascara can be a real chore but not with this Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover. This is a duel action formula consisting of oil and cleanser. I have read many reviews where people are complaining that this does not have  pump and you have to pour the formula onto a cotton pad but I do not think there is anything wrong with it. Before use you have to shake it you mix the formula and then it takes off eye make up so easily and as a bonus my lashes feel soft and conditioned after use. I tend to use this before I cleanse my face as some of the oil for the formula gets onto the under eye area, but that is no big deal! Last year I used the Benefit They're Real mascara and I found a lot of make up removers did not take it off properly, but this one took it of in two wipes of the cotton pad. I have almost run out of this product so I ned to pick some more up when I get to boots. It is a must repurchase for me! Click here to shop the eye make up remover.

No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue €16.50

I is very unusual that I find a product that I can use anywhere on my body but this one! It is an intense moisturizer with the texture of a balm and oh boy does it work! This has been a life saver when my skin has been really dry and tight. I rub a small little bit between my fingers and then massage it into the dry patches and immediately it looks better and feels a million times better. This may look like a lot to pay for a 50ml tube of moisturizer but a little goes a very long way and it works miracles! I first purchased it back in 2013 and I have only had to buy one a year so that is proof a little goes a long way. I believe it is well worth the money. Click here to shop the dry skin rescue.

Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water €8.49

I am not a fan of micellar water but this one is not too bad. I only really use micellar water to get any excess make up of my face that I have not got when I washed it. I still use my cleanser after this because I feel it does not leave my skin nice and fresh like my cleanser does. I find it does not remove waterproof mascara very well so I do find myself having to use my No7 eye make up remover. It does state that it is non-drying but I have found it can be a little drying and leaves my skin screaming for some moisturiser. Saying all that I have used it almost every day for the past year just to get any left over make up out of my pores and it does what I want it to which is remove make up. Click here to shop Soap & Glory Micellar Water.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks €1.49

I am a huge lover of some pamper time and I love face masks. My cousins wife knows me so well that she got me a tin full of Montagne Jeunesse face masks for Christmas. These are a staple in my draw at all times. I always pick up at least on when I go into Boots to keep my stock topped up. They cater for every skin type there is and they even have masks for your feet, hair, and body now, and all at a rock bottom price from €1.49! What more could you ask for?! There are so many different types you can get and the come in peel off form, mud pack form and sheet form depending on what they are for. For me there is no better way to relax than with a good movie and a face mask. Click here to shop face masks

E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion €7.99

I have mentioned before on my blog that I suffer from eczema which can be really painful when it really flares up. When I was a child I was on so many different creams and one of them has even left the skin on the inside of the elbow and back of the knees quiet transparent so I try to find treatments that will give me the same effects without making my veins too visible. That is why I like this E45 lotion. It soothes and hydrates without stinging too much (there is always going to be a sting when I put anything on the broken and inflamed skin). It is a very large bottle for only €7.99 and it lasts a long time as a little goes a long way. Click here to shop E45.

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