Friday, 13 May 2016

Band Appreciation....... Spice Girls

Okay can we just take a moment to appreciate the shear awesomeness of the Spice Girls please. Maybe some younger readers are thinking 'what the hell are you on?!', but for us who were 90's kids they were the bomb! However, I have to say some of the lyrics I did not get the meaning of until just recently, but they are still so awesome. There was always an argument in your group of friends as to who was which spice girl (I always wanted to be baby spice) while you sang the songs and performed the dance routines you have remembered from the music videos. Oh the memories! Then came the movie (which I will admit to watching very recently), then every girl wanted the insanely high platforms that they wore and your mother would never let you have, Geri's Union Jack dress and Mel C just made the tracksuit industry. Yes they were a phenomenon!
Then came the day that every fan dreads...... one member leaves. What were we to do without our Ginger Spice, what were we to do with our life not that we were one spice down? Who were we going to cut out of our playtime shows? Who would be cast out into the dark and fade into obscurity? That one girl who fought so hard to be Ginger Spice all those times now was demoted to just watching her friends reach playground fame? It brings a tear to my eye to think about where they would be if Geri had never left the group, that one person would have had more shows, more friends and a playground full of fans.....
The Spice Girls tried to go on without Geri but it was not the same. They were the British Five Spice and now they were only a Four Spice and that did not have the same ring to it, or flavor. They had a few hits but they faded in the popularity and then that was the end. What were all us fins to do without the spice in our life? Were we just expected to move on? Try to find some other idols who could fill that hole they left in our hearts? Find someone else to be in the playground? What were we meant to do with our Spice Girls folders, pencil cases, lunch boxes? What were we meant to hang them up to gather dust?
We may have packed away our childhood playground fame but we all still carried the girls around in our hearts. We never forgot those dance routines, we can still pull them out of the volt after a few cocktails at a family party or a wedding. We sill remember all the words to the songs and belt them out into a hairbrush when no one else is around, or again after a few cocktails with the girls. On a girly night out we can still get the band back together.
The spice Girls live on through us girls! So don't be afraid to let your Spice out of the bag! We have to educated people as to why the Spice Girls were our life goals. Fly your Spice flag proud and remember:

To all the young ones out there reading this I suggest you watch Spice World The Movie to come up to the level of love this blogger has for the Spice Girls (available to watch on Netflix). It will give you the true sense of girl power and you don't need no man! To give you a taste of what you are missing if you have never heard the Spice Girls, or if you have lived under a rock your whole life, here are some of the shear awesome songs that you have missed out on. Spice Fans Unite!!!!!!!!

Wannabe is the core song of the Spice Girls I have not run in to a girl who was alive during the 90's that does not know this song. If you don't know it please sort out your life!

Look at that fashion, they are like sexy futuristic lady James Bond! #Goals

Can we just deal with these outfits?? Victoria, I don't think that bikini is very practical do you?

Again you have to know the dance moves for the chorus, or you are not a true Spice lover.

#DanceGoals These girls were always on point!

Can someone please pass me the tissues......

These are only some big hits from their early career there are so many more and even some awesome songs from when 5 became 4! I suggest you check them out, it is a very different sound from the early stuff. Their entire catalogue of music is available on iTunes and Apple Music (which I use) to listen to your heart is content!
So if all that does not convert you to a Spice lover I don't know what will. If you are a lover tell me what your favourite song is and you never know it could ind up on song of the day! :)

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