Monday, 16 May 2016

Favourtie Horror Movies

Both myself and my boyfriend are huge fans of horror movies. I have watched a wide range of horror movies from crappy B-movies to big budget horror but there are always ones that are old faithfuls. There are always movies that no matter how many times I watch them, they still give me goosebumps and make me check the closet before I go to sleep! This is a list of my favourite horror films I love to crack out when I want cuddles with my bub!

A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of those films that I think you have to watch to really appreciate the movies of today. Wes Craven was the father of horror for a reason. He may have not gone all out and had the total ghost element in his movies but he did something else, he played on human fears. The fears he played on were ones like dying in our sleep and being stalked by a masked figure. When you watch these movies your own fears come out and that is what scares you is that some of this could be so real, and that is what makes a great horror movie.

Idle Hands is a more stupid horror film that you would watch when you don't want anything too scary and you want to switch your brain off and have a laugh. I know the saying "Idle hands are the Devils playthings" but this movie takes it to the next level. Like really? The Devil can not take over your hands and make you kill. Now that would be some crazy s**t!

Again another movie that plays on your human fears. I know that when I used to babysit I would be terrified of something going wrong, and in Halloween s**t seriously hit the fan when it came to her babysitting. How bad at babysitting do you have to be? Like I am sorry for one I would never leave my kids with Jamie Lee Curtis. The sequels got a little out of hand like they should have left it at the one or two films but there was so many in this franchise they ruined it.

Insidious is one of those films that made me afraid to go to sleep at night. There are not too many films that made me sleep with the light on but this was one of them. The fear of not being able to wake up is horrible and this movies gave me an irrational fear. The best part of this franchise is that each film carried off from where the last on stopped. This is more of a supernatural film but what great horror film does not have a great supernatural element to it.

The conjuring was so scary the first time I saw this that I had to stop less than half way through so I could watch it the next morning with the curtains open and no shadows that something could jump out at me. Even my boyfriend had to keep a light on to watch this movie. So gilrs or guys if you are looking for a good horror to watch with your partner to make the cuddle up to you for protection, this is your movie!

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