How I Watch Movies


1. Popcorn. No movie is complete without a bowl of popcorn that I only get one or two hands of, while my boyfriend inhales it all! There is just something wrong about watching a movie without popcorn. At all times have at least one bag of microwave popcorn in the press and a bag or kernels so I can make some over the stove too with lost of salt! None of this sweet or butter topped popcorn, no I stick to the good faithful salted it is!

2. Blanket. Fuzzy, fleece, bed duvet, any kind you want, I just think that a blanket is an essential for a movie. Especially a horror movie so you have something to hide behind.

3. Drinks. If you are under legal drinking age then I suggest some nice sparkling water or anything of you favourite fizzy drink. If you are of legal age to drink I suggest some nice wine (red or white whichever you prefer) or a beer if you are a beer person.

4. Set the mood. I like candles lit with the lights off especially if I am with my boyfriend, Alternatively you can use some nice twinkly lights to give the same effect without the risk of burning down the house if you don't get through the whole movie.

5. Someone to watch it with. I don't mind watching movies by myself but I love watching them with my boyfriend. He can always make me laugh even during a really sad film. I love snuggling up to him when I am crying at a romance when my heart is breaking, when I an scared during a horror film and when I am laughing at a comedy. Watching a movie with him makes the movies so much better.

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