Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Match Made In Heaven?

I think as females we are always on the look out for a make up combination that stuns us, can be worn for any occasion and just seems to perfect to be real, however, that always seem to be out of reach! I know I am always on the look out for a combination that looks effortless and actually is effortless and one that I can use for multiple different occasions.. and..... I have found it! Okay it may only be the lips but once you have the lips you can start paring everything to them!
I have found that MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC lip pencil in Spice are a true match made in heaven! I treated myself to this lipstick and liner last year in the duty free of Manchester airport and it has been a holy grail product ever since. I use it all the time I am not even half way through the tube, talk about value for money. I think that Kylie Jenner has really given everyone lip goals and has shot the nude lip look to fame with every girl jumping on the trend. I love how a nude lip can make a no make up look appear very put together and also look perfect for going out with your friends for a night on the tiles (not that I have many of them anymore).

I love love loovvvee this lipstick! It is so creamy and I forget I have it on sometimes. I am a big fan of matte lips, I think they look so much more natural that any with a shine, that's why this one is perfect for me. Along with the lipstick I wanted a lip liner so I asked the very helpful make up artist their opinion and she suggested the Spice lip liner and I could not have been happier! Before I purchased Spice I had seen so many beauty YouTubers use it and I had been listing over it but never knew what colour to pair it to. This colour lining your lips (not too heavy, we are not going to for the whole 90's look here) with Velvet Teddy makes your lips appear fuller and more luscious! 

My Tips For The Perfect Pout.
  1. Preperation is key here especially with a matte lipstick so I always use a lip scrub and an old tooth brush to make sure I get rid of any flaky bits on my lips. I suggest the Lush Cosmetics Mint Julips Lip Scrub (It tastes of mint chocolate chip ice cream!) which is about €8 or €9 but this lasts so long!
  2. Prime your lips! You prime you skin before your foundation, you prime your eye lids before eye shadow, why not prime your lips too? They need primer too! I suggest the MAC Prep & Prime Lip Primer which I think is about €16 but it lasts forever!
  3. Line your lips with the MAC lip pencil in Spice. I also like to fill in the sides of my mouth about one third of the way in on each side, this just adds a little more dimension as it is a different shade that you will be putting the lipstick over. This lip liner retails for about €17, a little pricey and I am looking out for a dupe of it so once I find one I will let you know if you can't afford to spend that much on a lip pencil.
  4. Finally apply the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick. If I am taking my time I will apply it with a lip brush and blend it all in really well and work up the colour between the pencil and lip stick. However, if it is early in the morning and I don't have a long time I will apply the lip stick straight to my lips and blend it slightly with my finger (hey it gets the job done!). The MAC Velvet Teddy retails for about €20.
You can purchase MAC online, at Brown Thomas stores or online, and also in their own MAC store on Henery Street in Dublin, as well as duty free in many airports. 

Have you found your own match made in heaven, let me know so I can invest in them too!

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