Song of The Day!


Song of the day is back! And I am kicking off my new music posts with a little trip back to my emo days! Yes! I will admit I was a bit of an emo, not necessarily the uniform but definitely the music. As I have not been afraid to share with you guys I had a pretty hard time during my teenage years and I could just kinda relate to some of the music and I still indulge in the tunes every now and then. I think music is something that can be really personal for a person and the one song can mean a million different things to a million different person. Just like art it is subjective and it all depends on the viewer, or listener in this case.

So the song for today is probably one of the most emo songs (and band) of my teenage years and even today I find myself singing along to it cause I think it is so good. It is the kings of emo (in my opinion) My Chemical Romance with 'Welcome To The Black Parade'!

To my surprise I can still remember every song to this word of this song. To be honest I think no matter what clique you were in in school we all had a nit of an emo kid in us. I have to say that when I was in school all the cliques were very defined, and it was not until we graduated that we found out we were mostly alike just some people were too afraid to admit they like the music. So whether you are a jock, a cheerleader or the biggest nerd in school don't be afraid to challenge the stereotypes and listen to what you want and don't hide it! 

So I am away to get my emo grove on and blare some music through the house!

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