Thursday, 19 May 2016

Survival Guide To..... Slane Concerts!

I have been to two amazing concerns in Slane Castle and the atmosphere there rivals any other concerts I have been to anywhere. However, as it is an outside venue and the weather in Ireland is very unpredictable (I never trust the weather man) you have to be prepared for any possible situation. Even though this summer there is no concerts in Slane Castle I believe that this is always a handy post to have for when the next ones come around.

1. Clothing. I always advise that you dress practical for Slane. You have to remember that this is a big field and if it rains you are going to get absolutely destroyed!!! I always advise a pair of old jeans ,or denim cut offs if you are brave enough to face the possible cold front that will come during the day. I have a pair of old converse which I use for all concerts because they are black and I don't mind if they get messed up (they look like I should throw them out at this point), of if you know for definite that it is going to rain then a pair of welly boots!

2. Jacket. This is one that you can take or leave. I personally like to be prepared for anything so I like to have a little rain coat in case the heavens decide to open. Over the past few concerts the organizers of Slane have decided that they do not want people to take bag with them so I like to have one of the rain coats that folds into a bag that you can hook onto your belt. The one I got was about €12 from Dunnes Stores and it does the job and there is still room in the little bag for your tickets and tissues.

3. Always be prepared! You have to think there are thousands of people at the Slane concerts so you always have to be prepared when it comes to the toilets. I know it is not something you like to think about cause they can be seriously gross but when you have been stood all day and drinking you have to go at some point. This is going to sound seriously OCD about me but I don't care. I like to have a small handy pack of anti-bacteria wipes with me and a pack of tissues cause there is no way in hell I will use the ones that have in the portaloos when there is tissue in them, I'm sorry I just cant!. So always be prepared for the dirt and the ques for the bathrooms.

4. Positioning. I am not a fan of being in large crowds so I like to stand up half way up the hill. If you stand there you are well positioned to see the stage, it does not get too crowded, you have easy access to food, drinks, toilets and it is easier to find the people you are with.

5. Drink. What is the best thing about an open air concert? Of course getting to drink outside in the middle of the day and it being socially acceptable. However, do be prepared for the price of the drink, especially if you are from anywhere but the city. Also find a good stable place to put your beers before you sit down and while you are sat as both times my boyfriend has spilt three of his pints while he was sat down (and no he was not drunk at this time).

6. Do not take anything valuable! I think this is common knowledge but if you have to take anything like your phone or ID (like I do) get something that you can hook onto your belt and then slip into your pocket so you wont lose it and you will avoid the heart attack of not being able to find your phone!

7. Know your exit! As anyone who has been to Slane before knows that the concert is on a big hill in the grounds of the castle, and what happens when you mix a grass hill, rain and thousands of people? That's right people, one epic mudslide! This is another reason I like to stand half way up the hill, for the exit time. After it has been raining just a little the hill is slippery enough, I don't want to be going near that hill after loads of people have already left! So suggest leaving about 5 mins before they are due to end. I know you are thinking why would you leave before they end? You actually don't miss anything because you can hear the concert throughout the whole village on your way to the bus!

7. The price is worth it! You have to remember that Slane is like a mini festival because for the price you 4 or 5 bands for the money so it is really good value, and the supporting bands are usually almost as big and famous as the main act!

8. Get there early! I love to get the full day out of Slane especially if the weather is going to be good, there is nothing better than sitting in a field, drinking a beer, with some awesome music and the sun shining. Sure what else would you be doing on a Saturday during summer?!

9. Sunglasses! Sunglasses are the best multitask item for Slane, they keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain too!

10. Have Fun!!!!! Remember to have a blast you have paid enough money to see the band. So go with your best friends that you know you will have a laugh with, get drunk, eat a burger, fall in the mud, have a random guy take a wiz in front of you (be prepared this does happen!), and make memories! Yes I have had all that happen and all in the one concert. You are only young once so make the memories that you will laugh about when you are old.

A concert at Slane Castle is unlike anything you have experienced before so I would suggest everyone goes as much as you can!

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