Thursday, 23 June 2016

Survival Guide To Light House Cinema Movie Marathons

Is there anything better than a day of movies with the other half? Maybe a movie marathon! No wait, I have it...... A Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon. Oh wait wait! A Lord of the Rings Extended Edition movie marathon! 13 hours of elves, hobbits, wizards and the one ring to rule them all! Can you guess by now what I am doing in august? Haha!

I have been to one other movie marathon in the Light House Cinema and that was for the Indiana Jones Marathon last year but it did teach me a lot, which I am going to share with you if you were lucky enough to get a marathon ticket!

1. Get There Early! Make sure you get there early to get the best seats in the house. The last thing you want is to be sat at the very from of the screen and not be able to see anything.

2. Don't Forget Your Glasses! This one does not apply to those of you who do not need glasses but for those of you who do, make sure you have them in your hand as you are leaving the house. I learned this the hard way as my boyfriend is short sighted and I am long sighted and we both forgot our glasses when we went to Indiana Jones. I left with a headache that lasted the better half of a week, so moral of the story is remember your glasses.

3. Don't Leave Your Seats Empty Between Movies! Don't leave your seats empty period! People who did not get to the cinema early enough to get good seats will take the breaks between movies to pillage your great seats from you. Once again I learned this the hard way so take my advise and leave your coats or something on the seats so no one takes them, or even better just don't move from your seats the whole time.

4. Take Lunch and Nibbles! We all know that the prices in the cinemas are crazy so do yourself a favour and pop to Tesco get some popcorn, some jellies maybe a bit of chocolate and a two big bottles of water to keep you going. Also take a packed lunch and this will save you time standing in the lines in the shop beside the cinema and you will not lose your great seats!

5. Wear Something Comfy! Lets face it unless you have been in your relationship for only a few weeks your other half had probably seen you in sweats, a t-shirt and your hair in a bun with no make up, and plus you will be in the dark for the whole day anyway. So I am warning you now you will need something comfortable to sit in the whole time, especially shoes. Make sure you have lots of room in those shoes to wriggle those little toes and something that will let you get air around your feet. I hate it when I am really warm and my feet are too warm so I always wear a pair of shoes like ballet flats as you don't ware socks with them and it is easy for them to air when you get too warm.

6. Keep Hydrated! When a cinema screen is full it can get hot and stuffy and you can get dehydrated very easy, so make sure you have loads of water to keep you going through the movies.

7. Stretch Your Legs! You are going to be sat for hours on end so make sure you get up and walk about a little or else everything will hurt by the end of the day.

8. Potty Breaks! Get in and get out is my advice. If you can try to leave the second the credits start to roll because those little bathrooms get busy very fast. I know this one is common sense but it is defiantly a survival tip!

9. Take a Pack of Paracetamol! This is an ultimate survival product. It helps headaches, can help settle and upset stomach, help with cramps, with lady time (hey you never know when it will strike), so make sure you have a pack in your bag.

10. Unlease Your Inner Nerd For The Day! Just chill out, relax, stuff your face with he bad things and enjoy the day watching some awesome movies. You are surrounded by your fellow nerds so let your freak flag fly proud.... for the day and then fold it up, put it back in it's box until the next time of course!

Unfortunately the tickets for the Lord of the Rings marathon are all sold out but because of the demand for the tickets they are showing one movie a day the week after with The Fellowship of the Ring on the 30th August, The Two Towers on the 31st August and The Return of the King on the 1st September for €10 each.

Over the next two months I am going to have to mentally prepare myself for the ultimate movie marathon and for 13 hours of sitting and watching the most awesome movies of all time!

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