Saturday, 29 October 2016

Couple Costumes for Halloween

It is almost that time of year again folks, no I am not talking about Christmas (yet!), its Halloween! I love Halloween you can dress up crazy and no one can say anything because we are all trying to outdo one another! I am also a fan of doing couples costumes with my boyfriend and he is always willing to keep me happy! The hardest part of doing a couple costume is trying to find one that you want to dress up as and not spend a fortune. So this post is my top 5 costumes to do at Halloween and they are made from clothes you probably have in your closet already :)

Mickey and Minnie

Who does not love a bit of disney and looking cute when they dress up? This is a costume that is so easy to throw together for that last minute party. A pink dress, some red trousers, add some mouse ears and bippidy boppety boo you have the original Disney couple!

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde by kayliegh-mc-entee featuring a petite pencil skirt

How about dressing up as the original gangsta couple? My boyfriend and I did this last year and Bonnie is one of my favorite make up looks to create, and what guy does not look super hot in a suit? Just add a couple of toy old fashioned pistols and you are ready to stage a heist, just remember to have your attitudes fine tuned for the night!

Mia and Vincent Pulp Fiction

Mia and Vincent Pulp Fiction by kayliegh-mc-entee featuring leggings

I never got the whole attraction of Pulp Fiction myself but my boyfriend loves it. So this year my boyfriend decided we were going to go as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega this year. I don't mind too much the clothes will be comfy and I can ware flats, but next year it is my say and I think I may make him pay haha

Johnny and Baby

Johnny and Baby by kayliegh-mc-entee featuring a v neck cami top

Johnny and Baby are one of the two most iconic movie couples of all time (at least I think so) and this is so simple to throw together and still look super cute. Girls grab a pink fluffy skirt and cami, get your guy to get out his finest slacks and shirt (remember to show a little chest there boys!), and show off your moves on the dance floor all night long, but don't attempt the famous lift unless you are completely sober and have had a lot of practice!

Danny and Sandy

Danny and Sandy by kayliegh-mc-entee featuring an off shoulder shirt

Finally, the most iconic movie couple of all time, Danny and Sandy. When doing Danny and Sandy you have may options this is just my favourite one. The tight leather trousers, red shoes, an off the shoulder top and an attitude just screams sex appeal, your man won't be able to keep his hands off you! But remember ladies, in the words of Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill) "You turn into some spandex wearing, cigarette smoking hussy and you get your man? That doesn't work." So to all the single ladies out there, make sure you look sexy as hell and if you run into your ex, flaunt your stuff and show him was he is missing!

They are just my top couples costumes and there are millions out there to choose from. I love costumes you don't have to spend a fortune on and you can use things you already have. The tip for Halloween is to look your best wheather that be super sexy or super gruesome and just have a blast with it! After all Halloween is not just for the kids!!!!

If you do a couples costume with your BF or your BFF let me know by either posting a picture in the comments below, tweet me at @KaylieghLand, or snap me on Snapchat at @kayliegh_land.

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