Thursday, 3 November 2016

Airport Travel Tips

I have written a post or recorded a video about my essentials when traveling away for the weekend before but that was a while ago (when I was blonde so its a few years ago) so I think it is in need for an update! As I have mentioned before I go back and forth to England a lot to see my family and as the flights are great prices with Ryanair (this is not a sponsored post in anyway, their flights are just really cheep!) I do this as much as I can. So this post is all about tips and tricks I have learned over the may years of flying, some may be common sense but you never know what you might pick up.

1. Make the most of your hand luggage. I travel with just hand luggage all the time because the last thing I want is to be paying up on €50 to book on a big case! I have to say I have never had my hand luggage weighed so I am sure I never stick to the allowed weight, but if your bag does not look heavy and bulky I think you can get away with it!

2. Keep your hair appliances to the top of your hand luggage. This one is not so much for security in Dublin airport but more for airports in England. I learned this the hard way. In some airports when you are going through security they may ask you to take out your hair dryer and appliances out of your case when they go through the scanners. Do I really look like the kind of person who would tamper with their good hairdryer to put something in it?

3. Wear easy shoes! This bothers me so much in the airport. There is nothing worse than being stuck behind someone who can't get their shoes off easily, the security is stressful enough without having to mess with shoes. I would always advise to wear shoes you can just slip on and off very simply to make everyone life so much easier!

4. Have all your liquids in a plastic bag. Always have this sorted before you even leave the house, and have the plastic bag in your handbag or the top of the hand luggage! I think we have all been stuck behind someone who is not prepared for the security check before, and they are usually the one that is struggling with their shoes too! And people please, make sure they are all UNDER 100ml!!!!!

5. Parents, keep the kiddies under control please. I understand for children that flying is a big deal for them, but the last thing I want when I am minding my own business is to be hit in the shins and have my feet ran over with their bags. Thank you :)

6. Take some Kalms. This is more for anyone who has any sort of anxiety. I have found that the airport just makes everything a million times more stressful, so I like to take a few Kalms before I go to the airport to help with the anxiety I have. You can get Kalms in any good pharmacy and Boots stores.

7. Have two sets of the boarding passes printed off. This is actually as tip I picked up from my mother. You can have one set for getting through the gates at the security and one for getting on the plane. This way if you go to the duty free to buy something and you forget to pick up the ticket then you don't have to panic because you have another set of them! (This can also help with any ticket anxiety you may have)

8. Go to your gate early. This is mainly for any of you flying with Ryanair from Dublin airport because, well, we all know you have like a 5 mile walk. Okay not literally a 5 mile walk, but you know it's a long walk, and they almost always go from the same gates. This is also so you can sit down and relax before you have to get on a plane filled with a bunch of other people.

9. If they offer to take your hand luggage for free, do it. A lot of airlines have not started to say they can only guarantee the first so many bags in the cabin, so they may offer to take your bag and put it in the hold for free. I say give it to them, unless it is a back pack or something of course. I hate having to lift my bag in and out of the over head compartment and carrying it up and down the stairs, so if they offer, I do it, Yes it mean you have to wait a few mins at the other end to get it, but if it means you don't have to struggle with the bag then why not?

10. Just relax. When at the airport there is so much that is out of your control, whether it be delays, crowds, or even that annoying person in the security line before you, it is all out of your control you just have to remember to relax and wish they are not on your flight hahaha Again Kalms come in really handy!

Have you any tips for the airport? Let me know :)


  1. Oh my god yes to so many of these ! I once had all my make up in the plastic bag, not just the liquids and the security people were NOT happy! They made me separate it all there and then, I'm sure there were many behind me rolling their eyes!

    I've never thought of the printing the boarding pass twice before, such a great tip.

    Another is to be careful with cabin bags if they have big wheels. It can make them not fit in the small measuring things they have at the gate. When I was in Budapest they were trying to charge a poor woman even though they were taking all the remaining bags to the hold for free !! I told her to turn the bag upside down so the wheels were at the top and it fit ����

    1. That is such a good tip about the case, I never get asked to measure it so it never popped into my head!
      That happened to me with all the make up in the plastic bag before, it's so stupid like it is not going to make any difference ha