Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Binge Worthy TV Programmes

It is coming up to the time of year where we have a little more time on our hands due to time off, or (hopefully not for most of you) due to catching a cold, so what is better to do than to binge on some shows? After all is that not the purpose of Netflix????
Below I have listed out my top four shows to binge on whille you are at home and snuggles up with a blanket!

This is one of those shows I watched years ago when it was on TV and I had forgotten how good it was. So when it came onto Netflix I had to start watching it again. I have not finished it yet but I am dying to watch "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life" so I will have to finish it soon!
This is one of those programmes that makes you wish you were an american teenager with wealthy grandparents. I can not tell you how many time I have had dreams of myself as Rory going off to college and living in the dorms, but in my dream I am still with Dean. I am totally team Dean all the way!!!

I love love love this show! Netflix currently has the first 9 seasons of the show and you can easily blow a day on just one season with each episode only about 20 mins or so. This is a show I love to watch when I feel sick because it makes you laugh and you forget all all about the box of used tissues you still have all over you.
I think there is a character everyone can fall in love with and mine just so happens to be Sheldon. He is just so socially inept that is it hilarious and I wish I had a friend like him!

This is only one of the shows on this list that will take over your life because you have to know the outcome. Fortunately for anyone who is only starting to watch it now you do not have to go through the pain and long waiting that has been the last six years. However, in April 2017 the last ever 10 episodes air and we will know once and for all who is behind the torment of Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily!
Be warned people this is a show that will take over your life! It will be all you can think about and talk about. You will constantly come up with your own little theories about who 'A' is, and every season your mind will change. You may even develop trust issues through watching this show as you never know who to trust! You will eat, sleep, breath Pretty Little Liars........ You have been warned!

Again this is a show that took over my life! From the first episode I was hooked!!! I had to know who was behind the Gossip Girl site that tormented the adolescents of the Upper East Side. Unlike Pretty Little Liars there are only six seasons and you can truly binge on this show without having to wait for any episodes to be released.
You will fall in love with the most unlikely characters and you may find yourself routing for the most unlikely of couples. I love how the show keeps the identity of Gossip Girl a mystery until the very last episode of the final series and boy was I shocked. Just like Pretty Little Liars you will come up with your own theories as to who Gossip Girl is throughout the show, and if you get it right from the get go, to you I say Bravo my friend, Bravo!

I think we all long a good Netflix every now and then. So if you don't mind I am going to snuggle up in bed with my blanket and The Big Bang Theory!

Let me know what you love to binge on! :)

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