Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Never Too Old For Disney! - Intro Logo

I am a huge fan of Disney! Disney is something I can turn to when I am sad and I know as soon as that famous intro logo comes up at the beginning, especially if it is the old school one, I will be the happiest girl ever!So to kick off this new series what is a better place to start off than with the intro.

There have been so many variations over the years that they all deserve to be appreciated and loved by all viewers. However, I am truly in love with the original one it is just so simple and even today I get shivers up my spine and get excited when I hear it! It is the intro to all the classics that I love and remember from my early child hood! This was used up to the 1995 film Toy Story where they began modifying each intro for the movie. Just so you can get those shivers I get, here it is the best intro to a Disney movie!

In 1995, we see the first variation on the classic intro logo. This is when we see the move from the classic to the new style of Disney movies with Pixar. This still has its charm and it was the birth of custom intros for movies. Movies that followed in these footsteps include Inspector Gadget, Recess: Schools Out, Cinderella II,  Home On The Range and many more. Even though all these had the same underlying theme and the classic intro logo, they were all unique to the feature presentation in both music and for many in form.

In 2006 with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean the classic logo was ditched and replaced by a totally computer animated one instead.  The new logo featured a country setting behind the castle and pans out to reveal the iconic Disney castle with fireworks, but the classical Disney music was back. I can understand why it was changed, the way the movies were made was evolving, there was a new generation of viewers that they had to reach and they wanted to start reflecting that everything was changing with the new century! I guess it is not without its charm though.

However, after only five months they started altering this intro for movies beginning with The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. These alterations started to make the intro part of the feature film instead of a completely separate thing, which I kinda liked. With The Santa Clause 3 they had Santa shaking a snow globe with the logo inside, in Enchanted they had the castle contain the story book for the beginning of the story (a little bit of a nod to the Disney classics!), Pirates of the Caribbean 4 had mermaids in the river in front of the castle, and in Bedtime Stories the logo was one of the first pages of the story book. 

In 2011 they decided to take away the 'Walt' from the intro logo so it just stated 'Disney' and this is the logo that is used in current Disney films. To me this logo does not seem right, I have grown up with the Walt Disney logo and just seeing simply 'Disney' kinda takes something away from the magic that they managed to create with the logos all these years. We first saw this modified intro in the Muppets movie. To me seeing just Disney is just not right. However, they carried on the theme of altering the intro for the movie such as Frankenweenie the whole intro turns black and white (as is the whole film), The Great and Powerful Oz you are taken into the castle, and in Maleficent it is the castle from a different angle. So they have changed a little part of it but tried to distract you by sticking to what they had been doing.

No matter what age you are, what era of Disney you grew up in I think these intro logos awaken the inner child in all of us. I understand some may say that Disney has given us girls unrealistic expectations of men, but don't we all deserve our prince charming.... and my dad has called me princess all my life so yeah I do want my prince!
So here you go a round up of all the intro credits used by Disney over the years. Yes this is a 10 min long and yes I did sit and watch everyone of them!

I believe the intro set the tone for the movie to follow, so do you have a preference or do you think they are all magical?

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