Thursday, 13 April 2017

Pretty Little Liars Questions We Want Answered!

So it is coming up to that time of the year were we will once and for all get the answers we have all wanted for the past 7 years! We have been tricked, misled, misinformed and made to feel like we should be committed to the Radley Sanitarium ourselves, but it is all coming to an end and there will finally be answers! There are many questions we all have but these are the burning questions I have as of now, but I am re-watching the first half of season 7 to make sure I am prepared for what is coming up!

1. Mary Drake = Spancers Mother??? Seriously is anyones parents who they think they are? And can any of these parents keep it in their pants? It seams like they have all had affairs or have secret love children! Anways back on topic. In the summer finale Mary Drake told the liars Spencer was the child they were looking for. Is this true? If not then who is the child?

2. Who Killed Sara Harvey? The most obvious answer is Noel but that is too obvious, and if there is one things we have learned over the years, the obvious answer is usually the wrong one.

3. Who Killed Charlotte DiLauerntis? Until the liars ran out of leads to follow Ali was the main suspect, but they have no idea not she was proven to be innocent. However, AD seems to think they know who killed her, hence AD taking Hanna and torturing her!

4. Who Is Uber A, aka AD? Can't be Jenna she was kidnapped, can't be Noel he is dead, so who is it?

5. What Will Happen With Ezra and Aria? Now Nicole is alive, what does this mean for them? Will they still get married? Will Ezra get back with Nicole? Will Aria get with Jason? Will anyone have their happy ending?

6. Is Toby Alive? I don't particularly care about Yvonne, I have always been team Spoby. They need to have their happy ending now that Hanna and Caleb have figured out they still love each other.

Probably buy the time I watch the first ten episodes over again I will have questions to add to this list but these are my burning questions as of right now. What questions do you need answered? Are you addicted like the rest of us?

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