Monday, 17 April 2017

Pretty Little Liars - Who Is AD????

We have been guessing for years as to who is behind the torture that Ali, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, and us for that matter, have been through for the past 7 years! I think we have all suspected the whole population of Rosewood at one point of another, for this reason this is the list of people I have suspected over the years. Maybe I will be right with one of my guesses? Only 10 weeks and we shall know once and for all!

1. Melissa Hastings. She was married to Ian, nuf said!

2. Spencer Hastings. Could be Mary Drakes other child.

3. Aria Montgomery. She left the country when Ali went missing, AD has her file, and Eddie Lamb the orderly recognised her.

4. Peter Hastings. Had an affair with Mrs. D resulting in Jason, and he kinda disappears like all the other parents.

5. Hanna Marin. She was the ugly duckling of the group when Ali was round.

6. Ezra Fitz. We know he is good a lying and getting close to the liars. Flashback to the creepy research room.

7. Mary Drake. Worked with Dr.Rollins, hated her sister, she is dodgy in general, and she claims she is Spencers mom.

8. Emily Fields. She did love Ali after all.

9. Mona Vanderwaal. You never know if she is really on the liars side, she was A at one point and she was kinda strange when she was in Radley.

10. Jenna Marshall. She just can not be trusted in general, like can you really forgive someone for blinding you? Yeah it has been years but I doubt it is something you get over in a rush.

11. Jason DiLaurentis. Always seemed a little dodgy to me and he has one hell of a messed up family if you ask me.

12. Charlotte/Cece/Charles. Well she did turn out to be A before she died! Yeah she is meant to be dead but you can never trust that anyone is really dead in this show. 

13. Nicole Gordon. I just feel her timing is a little suspect, that's all. 

14. Alison DiLaurentis. We know she can lie, she can make herself disappear, maybe she is unhappy that the girls stopped looking for her all those years ago.

Who do you think Uber A is?

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