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Slimming World...... Week 1!

So I am home from my first weigh in and I was pleasantly surprised, I lost 2lbs! I know to some this may not seem like a lot but after the weekend I had I am surprised I didn't put on weight! All week I ate pretty well and on plan but this weekend I was at my boyfriends in Dublin. When I am at his house his mother does all the cooking and I don't want her to have to do something separate for me or change what she was making so I am going to have to find a way to stay on plan when I go to his house. Also my boyfriend and I went out for a friends birthday and for the first time in ages I ended up drinking! I am still feel like crap from the lack of sleep I got that night so I am paying for it all!

I am going to tell you each week what I ate and hopefully I will get to see a pattern so these are the following symbols I will use to tell you what kind of food it is on slimming world:

S - Slimmer Free Food - These foods fill you up and help you slim down so you can eat as many of these as you want. It is recommended that 1/3 of your plate is made up of these foods.
F - Free Food - These are foods that do not have a syn value attached to it so you can eat as many of these as you want.
HE A - Healthy Extra A - These are foods that are high in calcium and there are certain foods on this list that you can have and once a day there is no syns, if you have more than the stated amount or more than once a day as your healthy extra there are syns.
HE B - Healthy Extra B -These are foods high in fibre or contain important nutrients needed for a balanced diet, such as bread, nuts, cereals, grains, etc. The same principles for HE A apply to HE B.
Syns - These are used for foods that are not free or your healthy extras. You get between 5 and 15 syns a day to eat anything that you are craving or if you go over on your allowance on the healthy extras. Foods such as sauces, chocolate, take aways, pizzas, etc and alcohol all have a syn value attached to it.

I was a little bad but it was my first day of slimming world so I guess I wanted to have one last nice simple lunch before I started it properly.
Lunch: Ham muffin with a packet of Tayto cheese and onion crisp - 12 syns.
Dinner: Slimming World fry - 2x Bacon with visible fat cut off (F), 1/4 can of baked beans (F), 1x grilled tomato (S), Grilled mushrooms (F), 2x Small Sausage - 2 syns, 1/2 a level tbsp brown sauce - 1/2 syn.
Snack: Apple (S)
Total syns = 15 syns

I was trying to eat totaly on plan today and I think I did pretty well.
Breakfast: 4x small slices of smoked salmon (F), 2x bacon visible fat cut off (F), 1/4 can baked beans (F), 2x poached eggs (F), Grilled tomato (S), Grilled mushroom (S)
Lunch: BLT - 2 slices Brennans Wholemeal Weight Watchers Bread (HE B), 1x Tbsp light mayo - 2 syns, Lettuce (S), Sliced tomato (S)
Dinner: Slimming World Pasta - Mince (less than 5% fat) (F), Pasata (S), Tomato Pure (S), Mushroom (S), Onion (S), Dried pasta (F)
Snack: 2x Apple (S), Frozen Berries (S) with Quark (F), 4x Dairylea Light Triangles (HE A), 1x Tesco meringue nest - 2.5 syns
Total Syns = 4.5 syns

Today I had more syns than I did the day before but it was not a bad day
Breakfast: 4x Small slices smoked salmon (F), 1/4 can of baked beans (F), 2x Poached eggs (F), Grilled mushrooms (S), Grilled Tomato (S), 2x Small sausage - 2syns,
Lunch: Left over pasta from dinner the night before with 15g Parmesan cheese (HE A)
Dinner: Slimming World Burgers, No bun, Slimming World Chips (Free), Lettuce (S), Cucumber (S), Pepper (S), Tomato (S), 1 tbsp light mayo - 2syns, 1 tbsp Honey & mustard dressing - 5syns.
Snack: None
Total Syns = 9syns

Breakfast: 4x small sausage - 4syns, , 1/4 can baked beans (F), 2x poached eggs (F), Smoked Salmon (F), Grilled Tomato (S)
Lunch: Pasts (F), Sweetcorn (F), Ham (F), Cucumber (S), 2 tbsp honey & mustard dressing - 7syns.
Dinner: Slimming World Sweet Chilli Chicken and rice ,1 syn
Snack: 4x Dairylea Light Triangles (HE A)
Total Syns = 12 syns

Breakfast: 2x wholemeal Weight Watchers bread (HE B), 2x poached eggs (F), 2x grilled tomato (S)
Lunch: Egg fried rice - Rice (F), Soy Sauce (F), Oyster Sauce (F), Egg (F), Sweetcorn (F), Cucumber (S)
Dinner: Smoked Salmon (F), Prawns (F), Boiled Egg (F), Cucumber (S), Lettuce (S), Tomato (S), Peppers (S)
Snack: 4x Dairylea light triangles (HE A)
Total Syns = 0!

Saturday and Sunday I was in Dublin and I never kept my food journal but trust me I went way over my syns.

In terms of exercise I had planned on my weekly F.I.T log to do 1.5 hours of walking and 40 mins of yoga for the week. In total I managed to get in 1hr 40mins of walking in but the 1 hour was not very taxing as it was just strolling round the city with my boyfriend shopping, but I guess you could say shopping can be a strenuous activity haha! I got 23mins of yoga done in the week which is less than I wanted to do! I also found an app for at home Pilates so I enjoyed doing that, I did 10mins this week  and I really liked it. I plan on doing more this week though.

Over all I think I did not do too badly for my first week and I have a plan for next week too.

I want to stay on plan all week as much as I can, however I am getting really close to my exams so I am going to try and comfort eat on healthy things instead of what I really want, all my easter eggs and all the chocolate I can get my hands on!

I plan to do more walking this week. My mum said that she will come with me every evening for a walk and we plan to do about 40mins a night but I have not written down a target for walking for the week, so anything is a bonus there.
I plan to do at least 10mins of yoga every day, whether it be first thing in the morning when I wake up, when I need a break from studying, or before I go to bed. That is 70 mins over the week, it is not much but it is a start.
I also plan to do 10mins of pilates each day also. I really enjoyed it this past week as it is easy and I can do it in my room. I plan to do this in the morning before I start studying. This makes another 70mins of exercise over the week, better than nothing.
My shoulder is quiet sore again as I am getting quiet stressed out about my exams, so the amount of yoga and pilates I get done will depend on how my shoulder feels on the day. I would like to say I could just drive on through the pain but that never does it any good. But my hopes are high.

Weekly Weight Loss Aim
Every week at group we set ourselves a target for the week, so I set my target for another 2lbs. I thought that if I can try to stay on plan and go out and have a few drinks and lose 2lbs, I can do that or more this week when not going out drinking!
So my aim is 2lbs this week and if I lose anything else that is a bonus. I think once I have the confidence and know exactly what I am doing I will have the courage to aim a little higher with my weekly target!

As I said above 2lbs may not seem like a lot to other but I am very happy with it. To be honest even if I had only lost 1lb that would make me happy, so 2 is great! It helps me that I now have one of my good friends coming to the group with me and also my older sister in England has joined too. It makes losing weight and going on this journey so much easier as I have people who are doing the same thing to talk to.

So here is to another week and another weight loss. Remember my slimming world posts go live every Tuesday morning!

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